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Environment Accreditation

Nature, Resources & Community

Dunbar Golf Club believes strongly in operating with the utmost care for the environment and the local community it is a part of. Dunbar itself is the birth place of John Muir a pioneer of nature conservation and we do our best to follow his legacy for future generations. 

In 2022 we gained the GEO Certified® eco-label which is the most respected certification for golf, based on a credibly and transparently developed modern sustainability Standard of best practice. This in recognition of our commitment to the three pillars of sustainable golf: nature protection, resource efficiency and community value. The below table highlights the areas we have excelled in. 

Themes Action Areas
  •  Habitats & Biodiversity
  • Turfgrass management
  • Pollution prevention
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Partnerships & Outreach
  • Golfing & Employment
  • Advocacy & Communications

Environmental Sustainability Action

The course manager and his team have a sound understanding of the overall site of Dunbar Golf Club, its habitats and vegetation types. 

In particular the extensive coastal grassland habitat is well managed, with birdlife being a main area of interest. Birdlife surveys are carried out through the year with sand martins being a priority. Protected sand martins have naturally taken up home in areas where sand has been extracted in the past, the club have taken action to protect these nesting areas from foxes. 

There is a historical wall and boathouse on the course which are prominent course features and both are kept well maintained protecting the cultural heritage of Dunbar. 

Turfgrass is maintained with a highly efficient, low-input approach and water useage is monitored closely. The proposed clubhouse renovation offers the opportunity to re-set management principles for resource efficiency and use of renewable energy. 

We have an active community outreach programme with an annual beach clean up walk with the coastal ranger and course manager bringing members and local community groups together. We work closely with local schools in Dunbar to get children outdoors and active. School summer camps are run at the club each year bringing more juniors into the game of golf. 

We are proud to be responsible leaders of the land on which the course lies and we hope that during your visit to the club and home town of John Muir you will enjoy and respect the stunning natural environment 'sunny dunny' offers as well as the friendly local community which makes our town and course so unique.

5 Tips to Help

1. Enjoy some wildlife watching while on the course and we’re always keen to hear of any interesting sightings of birds or even seals lying on the coast. 

2. Please dispose of any waste in the recycling bins provided along the coastal path and on the course. Let's keep our environment clean and tidy. 

3. Dunbar has a great train station as well as both public buses and private bus/taxi services all within easy reach of the club, please consider using public transport or private bus/car sharing in order to get to your game or if your just coming through to Dunbar Golf Club as a visitor for a walk along the John Muir coastal path. This helps reduce our emissions and carbon footprint improving the environment. 

4. We also proudly utilise local suppliers and you can enjoy some of East Lothian’s great local fare at the club house. Contact us for more information. 

5.  Whether you’re a golfer, walker or just a passer by, please be mindful to take into consideration other users on the site so we can all enjoy the stunning location in harmony.

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